Yavin 4: Temple is a map featured in Star Wars: Battlefront, Star Wars: Battlefront II (only known as Yavin 4), and Star Wars: Battlefront: Renegade Squadron.

Overview Edit

Yavin 4 is a jungle moon where the Rebel Alliance settled one of their first bases during the Galactic Civil War.

The temple featured in the map was built and used by the society that once lived on the planet, before it became deserted.

The map is large and relatively open, apart from all the trees. The undergrowth may seem to get in the way but can be fired and walked through. Vehicles and Turrets available include IFT-X, BARC Speeder, AAT, STAP, Rebel Combat Tank, IFT-T, 74-Z Speeder Bike, and Yavin Turrets.

The Map Edit

Heroes / Villains (SWBFII)Edit


  • Republic Speeder Bike X3 (Only in STBF)
  • Speeder Bike X4
  • AAT X2
  • STAP X2
  • AT-ST X2 (Only in SWBF)
  • Alliance AAC-1 (Only in SWBF II)
  • Alliance AAC-2 (Only in SWBF II Campaign)
  • IFT-X X3 (Only in SWBF II)
  • IFT-T X3 (Only in SWBF II)

Combat ModesEdit


  • This map only includes vehicles for the CIS, and the Empire except in SWBF II.
  • After the Battle of Yavin 4, the Empire invaded the Massassi Temple and forced the Rebel Alliance to leave the system in the event known as the Evacuation of Yavin 4 in the Expanded Universe, however, in the new canon, there was no battle as the Rebel forces evacuated the planet before the Empire arrived, although off-screen.
  • In SWBF II's campaign, after knocking down the barrier to the temple, two Alliance AAC-2s will spawn. This is the only instance in the entire game where there is an AAC-2 and not an AAC-1.


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