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The Y-wing is a Rebel spacecraft that cannot be piloted but plays an important role in the Walker Assault mode in Star Wars Battlefront. They are used as power ups in Fighter Squadron, Battle Station and Infiltration.


This Rebel alliance starcraft is used as a heavy bomber for planetary and orbital targets. In the Walker Assault mode, Y-wings are utilized to lower the protective shields of the AT-ATs. Although hard to hit, the Y-wings can be destroyed by starfighters or be locked onto with Smart Rockets or Ion Torpedoes. The Y-wings are collectively under the call sign Rogue Squadron. When one is called via uplink, the time they give to the Rebels to attack is decreased as shown when the color of the Y-Wing drains. Once all Y-wings time has run out, the Rebels must move onto the next uplink, or if it's the final move up, will suffer defeat.

Although they cannot be piloted, the Y-wing can be summoned in the form of a Power Up. When collected, a squad of AI controlled Y-wings will spawn near the player and attack enemy fighters for 60 seconds.

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