Wookiee Smuggler
Basic Info

Officer / Special


Rebel Alliance

Unit Details


Secondary Weapon:

Grenade Launcher


Time Bombs

The Wookiee Smuggler is a special unit exclusive to the Rebel Alliance. They have a larger amount of health when compared to most rebel units and about 2 1/2 times as much health as a Marksman. They also have the ability to withstand grenade explosions at close proximity. However, speed is sacrificed for health as Wookiees are somewhat slower than other rebel and enemy units. They can also withstand heavy fire from stormtroopers and can resist a shot from a Dark Trooper. Their Bowcaster and Grenade Launcher pack some pretty damaging ammo, and come in handy when facing large numbers of enemies. The fire button can be held down while using the Bowcaster to charge it up and focus the spread into one high powered sniper round. This, paired with the 8x sniper zoom available on the bowcaster makes Wookie Warriors a heavily armored version of the standard sniper. They will be a staple on the Rebel Alliance team, and it will be hard to secure one for yourself most of the time.

Attacks (SWBFI)Edit

Name Image Ammo
Bowcaster Bowcaster 320 Shots
HH-4 Grenade Launcher EMP Launcher 7 Shots
TB-47 Time Bomb TB-47 3 Count


  • Unlike all other officer and special classes The Wookiee Warrior/Wookiee Smuggler has skin differences on some maps.




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