in some star wars game theres going to bebetter graphics and I will lists some games I want in the future that will be better than others Obi wan masterexxx10 23:19, March 28, 2012 (UTC)

i To all who notice their idea(s) are displayed here, I was unaware when I was making this that we share the same ideas. If you do not like the fact that I unknowingly have some of your ideas here, it's okay if you ask me to remove a certain part of this article. Otherwise, I give full credit to anyone else's ideas, although some I came up with by myself or I didn't know you came up with it.Obi wan masterexxx10

star wars battlefront 3Edit

in this game will be the best star wars game than battlefront 1 and 2 it will have 100 maps and for pc you can add mod maps too and will be xbox and pc.


1 bespin platforms will have more platforms with cloud cars star fighters and gunships and anti air air turrets and there some charrector that are not playable.

2 naboo battlefeild will have AATs MTTs nabo star fighters cis star fighters gain speeders and lasers turret and it will be phase 1 cis and naboo guards.

3 geonosis this map will now have jedi star fighters dunships cis star fighters with geonosian star fighters

4 hoth it will have 3 or 9 snowspeeder x wing b wind tie fighter tie intercepter and 5 or 4 AT ATs

5 battle of endor will have 5 landing platforms with x wings a wings Y wings tie fighters tie intercepter tie bombers 1 AT AT 3 snowspeeder and 3 AT STs















this part is still constructionEdit

star wars battlefieldEdit

it will look like star wars battlefront but without capturing cps and it has some defferent maps

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