To all who notice their idea(s) are displayed here, I was unaware when I was making this that we share the same ideas. If you do not like the fact that I unknowingly have some of your ideas here, it's okay if you ask me to remove a certain part of this article. Otherwise, I give full credit to anyone else's ideas, although some I came up with by myself or I didn't know you came up with it.

Here's my one and only idea for a Star Wars game. It probably won't ever be created, due to the need of so many fictional technology needs, but whatever.

Thanks for reading and happy editing,


The game is an MMORPG for Star Wars. But here is the thing, it's not like any other MMORPG that currently exists. It's not just for the PC either, it has it's own console, due to the size and space it takes up (due to all possible choices). I haven't found a name for it, but I've decided to name it Star Wars: World, kinda like the game Need for Speed: World.

The gameplay style is sort of like Runescape (No, I don't play it) in terms of multiplayer and how players can interact with each other.

In comparison to real days, one day in Star Wars: World is about a quarter of a real day. Years in Star Wars: World are also shortened to about 2 weeks, to make the game go by faster.

Starting the Game

Making a Character

  • The Player will be able to choose what species they come from (over 50) and what planet they are from (over 50). This will also determine if they are found by the Jedi or Sith, which is variable.
  • They will have to add these things:
    • Name/Username
    • Species
    • Planet
    • Gender
  • The player will then start on the desired planet as a baby, which will eventually grow until death, where the player can make another character (if they are that diehard).

Beginnings and Campaign

Basic Plot and Storyline

  • Based on a legend, the player is a chosen one will will choose an ambiguous path. It is said that there will be an all-out war between the Jedi and the Sith and that he will be the one to stop it. Once he stops that, another predicament will happen; the non force-sensitives will revolt and rise against those who are, which will cause another all-out war between the two. However, the legend was unfinished, so it is meant that the player's fate is unknown after the second war breaks out.

If found by Jedi

  • If the player is found by the Jedi, they will train to become a Jedi, unless if they renounce the order or do very poorly (which is a small chance of actually happening). They will train until they become a Jedi Master, or to the point where they are satisfied with their rank.
  • They will be sent off on important missions made either by NPCs (usually tutorials or basic missions) or actual players (which can vary depending on how complicated the mission is).
  • Players cannot become part of the Jedi Council, as it is run by NPCs in case if players would make bad decisions.


  • In the Jedi campaign, they will (obviously) train to become a master Jedi. Because of this, it will simulate the actual Jedi ways. If the player constantly breaks the rules, they will be kicked out of the Order and will not be allowed to rejoin unless if in another profile.

If found by the Sith

  • If the player is found by the Sith, they will train to become a Sith, unless if they learn what is best and try to overthrow their master. The original master is an NPC, but players can become the master if they are a high enough skill and are knowledgeable in the Dark Side.
  • They will be trained endlessly, until their master deems them worthy. They will be sent on missions from time to time, usually to kill a certain NPC (which will respawn within 24 hours anyways), but they cannot kill another player.


  • In the Sith campaign, the player will be taught in the ways of the Sith. Their main goal is to bring down the Order, but there will be many assassinations and missions along the way to train the player. The master is a non-canon Darth Plagueis. The player can choose to overthrow thier master and have an apprentice, keep their master, or overthrow their master and start a Sith order.

If found by no one

  • The player can choose any path if not found by any force-sensitive faction. They can have a job on Coruscant, become a wealthy farmer on Ruusan, or even become a true Mandalorian. Some players like this option, as they don't have to be devoted to any rules and can even have a family.
    • Although the player may not be found by anyone, they could still be force-sensitive. Players can find this out when they're older, when they go to the cities. Usually, there will be fortune tellers in town that can tell if they are force sensitive or not. Because of this, the player will develop a skill that makes them more effective with a lightsaber than normal people.


  • There is no set campaign for the player if they are not a Jedi or Sith. However, they can become almost anything; most players, however, tend to choose being a soldier of any kind, whether it's for the Mandalorians, Grand Army of the Republic, or any other major faction.
  • Because of this, the missions will vary, but all in all, all of the campaigns will eventually come together.

Conjoining Campaigns

  • Eventually, all of the campaigns will come together.

Jedi-Sith War

  • The Jedi-Sith War is the first of two wars that happen in the game's campaign. As the title suggests, it is a war between the Sith and the Jedi, depending on who's side the player is on. If the player does not choose to create a Sith order, it will override the player's Sith progress and another main character (to the Sith storyline) will be introduced with a whole Sith army he kept in secret.
    • If the player is not force-sensitive or was not recruited by either factions, they will sit out on this battle, but many NPCs they interact with will tell about it, as well as HoloNet. Because of this, their role in the next war will be more significant.

Anti-Jedi Uprising

  • The Anti-Jedi Uprising was the event where millions of non-force sensitive soldiers rebelled against all force users, Jedi and Sith alike.

Multiplayer Gameplay


There are numerous weapons featured in this game, ranging from a shoto to the DL-44 heavy blaster pistol. Even non-force sensitive users can have lightsabers, but force-sensitive beings can't have blasters (due to Jedi Council rules). Players can purchase weapons from weapon stores, but lightsabers must be created, unless if there is a stock of special lightsabers for sale by the creators (for real money).


There is a large amount of different pre-made outfits (some outfits can only fit certain species, due to varying size), and players can even mix and match different outfits (of the same size) to make their own custom armor. Only basic apparels can be bought from clothing stores, but some better armors can be bought from traveling NPC merchants. Jedi and Sith outfits can only be obtained by being one or killing a player with one. Armor has no effect on anything but appearance.

The World

Each planet acts like a server. For example, if the player wanted to go from Dantooine to Coruscant, they'd have to wait a few minutes for all of Coruscant to load. On planets, there are special transports to bring players to main cities (if the players are lazy); these transports are called Sky Buses.

If players have too much in their inventory, they can store stuff in the bank, where they can retrieve things after their death. Banks cannot be robbed, for balancing issues. They are found on all worlds for helpful purposes.

There are stores which players can go to. However, they only sell basic things, such as basic clothes and weapons. However, if a player gets an award such as 1,000,000th customer, they will get a free legendary weapon.

The currency is Republic Credits, despite all other currencies in the actual Star Wars universe.


If players agree to fight with each other (as they cannot fight in the open), they will go to an small, but open battlefield. If there is a clan war, the battlefield will be more open. Whoever wins will get some XP, and the chance to take items from their opponents inventory (only in inventory, not the bank). Gaining XP and making their killcount higher will level players up.

Interactions with other Players

Like in other MMORPG games, players can talk to one another, not just over a keyboard, but through a headset. However, all chats are monitored for harassment, sexual harassment, immature language, and profanity. After a few warnings, the player will temporarily be banned from chat until the administrators feel it is right to let them back in.

Level Rankings and XP

By gaining XP from missions or killing other players, players can rank up and up, until they reach level 500.

How to get banned from Star Wars: World

  • Continuous innapropriate language in chat.
  • Hacking or modding.
  • Harassing the admins or creators.

Additions in Update 1.0

In late March 2012, there was a major update to the game. Many new features, weapons, armor, and other things were added to the game itself.


  • Major lag issue addressed.
  • Logo updated.


  • Players can now create their own armor via smithing, sewing, etc. Also, different materials were added so that they could do this.
  • New armor was added. A legendary armor, although extremely difficult to get, is now lightsaber resistant.
  • Players can dye their armor different colors.


  • More firearms were added.
  • Different variations of the lightsaber were added, such as the Light Whip, Darksaber, Force Pike, etc.
  • Knives and saber knives were added and can be thrown.
  • Lightsabers can be broken down into multiple parts for other things.
  • Fatal attacks were added, usually a scene where the player does a special move on the enemy to finish them off. Fatal attacks are seen with anything used as weapon.

Servers or 'Worlds'

  • There are new worlds to play on.
  • Faster loading times when transporting between worlds.

Battle Gameplay

  • For clan battles, the battle setting will change as if it were a Battlefront game. Space battles were also added.
  • Attacks and animations run smoother.

Campaign and in Single-Player

  • More missions and side missions were added to the numerous campaigns in the game.
  • More jobs were added.
  • New NPCs.
  • A few more races added.
  • Land vehicles were added to more open worlds.
  • Marriage was also added.

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