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Wampas are large, humanoids that live in the ice caves of the planet Hoth. Wampas are to be found on the Hoth: Echo Base map in the original Star Wars: Battlefront II. Their attacks include a combination of punches and trampling which are very powerful. They are most effective at close range, and can move very fast. They can kill most infantry in 1-2 hits,so once they get close enough to you you're basically dead.

In Star Wars: Battlefront II, they are only playable in Hunt on Hoth.


Name Image Ammo
Claw Generic Infinite Use
Smash Generic Infinite Use

Strategies in defeating a WampaEdit

  • Your best bet for taking down these creatures is laying down a mine, then shooting them with a blaster pistol to get them coming towards you, causing them to step on the mine.
  • Don't even think about using a sniper against them. The only way a sniper would work is if you had the beam rifle, the damage increase, and got a good headshot on it.
  • Engineers are quite useful against Wampas. A combination of the award shotgun and detpacks should be enough to take them down.
  • A rocket to the chest and a few blaster pistol shots is another way to kill them.
  • Due to their large size, it is sometimes possible to stay just out of their attack range using terrain, and just fire bolt after bolt into them until they die.
  • Another way is to get in a Hoth Dish Turret, charge it full, and make head shots.
  • A Wampa can take a rocket at close range, so get farther away from them in order to get 1 hit kills.
  • A combination of a sniper rifle, blaster pistol, and teammates should be enough to take a Wampa down.
  • The Wampa is considered the most dangerous class in Battlefront II, excluding heroes.
  • A Wampa's charge attack can kill a Wookiee with one hit.
  • Wampas can be considered the fastest infantry class, with only Jedi & Sith beating them.
  • Engineers shotguns are effective up close, but that is where the Wampa does the most damage.
  • All classes with a grenade launcher or rocket launcher are the most effective against the Wampa in range.
  • Wampas smash attack is similar to Mace Windu's, and anyone within the radius will be dead.
  • Wampa's secondary attack is also a 1 hit kill for wookiees, thus making it a 1 hit kill for all classes.
  • Wampa's are the strongest class in the game, making them one of the best classes for combat.
  • Wampa's intelligence is quite low and they will tend not to see their enemies unless the enemies are close
  • Wampas will sometimes attack their own kind in an effort to kill their enemies  


  • They resemble the Yetis of Asian legend.
  • Wampas in Star Wars: Battlefront II apparently resemble albino Wookiees with the exception of having horns.
  • Wampas tend to eat tauntauns and other animals unfortunate enough to wander into their paths.
  • A Wampa is seen in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. It manages to capture Luke on Hoth before the Battle Of Hoth ensues. The Wampa originally planned to eat Luke, but was believed killed after the latter used the Force to get his lightsabre, released himself from his restraints and sliced off the Wampa's arm when it blocked his path.



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