Vanguard is an Ability Card in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II. It gives the player a Scatter Gun that can be used as a secondary weapon. Along with the standard Vanguard ability card, it also comes in three variants, Slug, Recharge, and Killstreak Vanguard. The standard Vanguard is one of the default Abilities of the Assault Class

Levels Edit

Slug/Recharge Vanguard

  • Common: 25 recharge time
  • Uncommon: 23 recharge time
  • Rare: 21 recharge time
  • Epic: 16 recharge time

Killstreak Vanguard

  • Common: 25%
  • Uncommon: 35%
  • Rare: 45%
  • Epic: 55%

Descripton Edit

Vanguard is a powerful shotgun that can one and two-shot kill enemies at close range. Its deadly fire is great in one to one situations. Its variants give additional boosts to the player

Overview Edit

When activated, the player will pull out a flecette-firing shotgun that fires a buckshot of high-damage shrapnel, making it very deadly at close range. The player will also gain an increase in movement speed. The Vanguard flechette gun can two-shot kill most enemies at closer ranges and can even one-shot kill if an enemy is close enough. It can win most one on one fights if the user can land a successful hit so it is a very deadly weapon to handle. Along with the standard Vanguard, which is one of the default abilities for the Assault class, it has three variants:

Slug Vanguard Edit

The Slug Vanguard is similar to the regular Vanguard, but it swaps out the shrapnel shot for a single slug, granting increased rangee and accuracy at the cost of reduced close-range power. That said, it still performs best at close range as it can be quite tricky to land a shot at longer ranges.

Recharge Vanguard Edit

The Recharge Vanguard fully recharges the player's abilities when an enemy is defeated, making it useful for sustained engagements

Killstreak Vanguard Edit

Killstreak Vanguard partially replenishes the amount of time remaining before the ability expires with the amount replenished depending on the rarity of the card. The card can, depending on rank,  replenish between 25-55% of one's Active Time when an enemy is defeated.