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While we all enjoy our game that grant us this wiki, we must be grateful for the guys who made it possible! Introducing Project:Contributors, where users like you and I will help make a tribute to those who made it possible. Visit Category:Contributors and select one person who you want to make a profile of and contribute to that page until it reaches the standard length of a good page.

  • The following is a random Easter eggs/Glitches/Strategies selected weekly.

From:Strategies: Dagobah

During Galactic Conquest or Conquest, choose the Republic or Rebel Alliance, then buy the "leader" bonus and play on Dagobah: Swamp (in Battlefront II), then take Yoda at every chance you get. Once you've done that, go to the swamp area, where units are really hard to hit from the cover that the water gives them. Because Yoda is so short, he can't be hit by energy bolts when in the water, so you can just hack 'n' slash without care. One thing: the water doesn't protect against grenades, so if you hear that "tink tink" noise, get out!

  • Please note that the following is a fan fiction creation.

A Clone Like No Other

Deep within the Kamino facility upon invasion by the Imperial forces, a squad of stormtroopers discovered a tank of Bacta . Inside was a fully suited up clone trooper. The clone's armor was worn, and showed scars that bring a flash of memory to veteran stormtroopers of the Battle of Hypori. The glint of the charred blue seeps in the realization that this trooper is a part of the Hypori's ARC squad. Removing the limp body from the healing liquid, the helmet was removed. The face show faint resemblance to Fett but other than that nothing else. His ID gave a weak signal that read: "ANK-SKYOBR202." His eyes shot open as he reaches for his rotary cannon at the same time, snatching his helmet and slam it back on. "Anakin Skyobiliviator, reporting for duty."

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