Community, I apologize that I haven't spoken since December of 2016. I have been absent from speaking for at least 1 month and counting. The reason why everything is quiet is because my computer unfortunately went haywire during an update and the processor blew up, leaving me with a nonfiction int computer. I'm intending to gain an Alienware computer, but for now, I'm just sad and I'm sorry for lack of edits or contributions. This wiki is literally like a family I never had and I feel like I let you all down because my computer just let me down, and now I have to wait until I gain another one. I also apologize for only making edits to the DICE reboot of Battlefront, because I really like the game a little more than the old ones. I respect with what the original developers did for this game, I just don't like most of the stuff in the old games such as only classes, or even having having people hack into enemy vehicles. I'm sorry for not speaking to anybody if they had concerns regarding me, and I hope I can see you all in the PC world.

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