There are two types of Tusken Raiders: The Tusken Raider (or the Tusken Chieftain), and the Tusken Hunter.

  • The Tusken Raider has a Tusken Cycler, which is similar to a standard blaster rifle but with a slower rate of fire. Tusken Raiders are units only available in Tatooine: Dune Sea, where they attack the Rebel and Imperial (or Republic and CIS) troops alike. They are also seen on Battlefront II's Hunt Mode on Mos Eisley, which is the only level they're playable in. These raiders are armed with a Tusken Cycler but nothing else. The raiders work especially well in squads, and the guns they use have unlimited ammo.
  • The Tusken Hunter is armed with a Bolt-Action Rifle. In Star Wars Battlefront, their rifles are entirely identical to the Scout Trooper's Sniper Rifle, save for the appearance of the gun. In the second game, their rifles are changed to Beam Rifles.


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