Trade federation official flag

Affiliation : Confederacy of Independent Systems

The Trade Federation is a mega corporation of commerce that appeared in Star Wars Battlefront . The Federation had it's own private army made up from different types of Battle Droid classes: Battle Droid, Assault Droid, Battle Droid Commander, B2 Super Battle Droid, Assassin Droid, Droideka and fleet: Lucrehulk-class Battleship and Providence-class Dreadnought. It was allied with the Confederacy of Independent Systems. The Federation ran into commerce problems with Wookiee rivals and asked Count Dooku to help them eliminate the Wookiees. The Count agreed and together with the Federation forces eliminated the Wookiee traders.

Trade federation vs wookiees

Several Droidekas preparing to attack Wookiee trade settlemetns that defy the Federation.

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