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Rebel Depot is a multiplayer map in Star Wars Battlefront.It is playable in Cargo, Drop Zone, Blast, Heroes vs. Villains, Hero Hunt, Survival, and Droid Run. Some defining features include the circular design of the map, and the static Millennium Falcon at the center, which is possible to climb onto using a Jump Pack.


This is a very close-quarters map, so it can get very crazy at times. There are many hallways outside of the primary center. The Millennium Falcon can be a good position for sniping, but also leaves you open to blaster fire. The hallways can also be used for cover, as you can hide beside the obstacles present within each one.


Rebel Depot is available to play in Survival as additional content. AT-STs do not appear on this map at any difficulty, as there is no room to enter to depot, making this map the only one in Survival mode not to include the vehicle.

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