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Jabba's Palace is a multiplayer map featured in Star Wars Battlefront as a part of the Outer Rim expansion pack. It is playable in Blast, Droid Run, Heroes vs. Villains, Extraction, and Cargo.

The map features many rooms and corridors, as well much wasted machinery and scrap. Many of the rooms are massive, except the hallways.

The palace features a large amount of cramped hall ways and corridors. In certain parts of the map you can see Gamorrean Guards (alive and dead) behind bars of door ways.

In Jabba's throne room, the trap floor that Luke Skywalker falls through is burst open. There is also a hole that players can slide through.

The dungeon where Luke Skywalker fights Jabba's rancor in Return of The Jedi appears. However the rancor itself is dead because this takes place after Return of The Jedi.

In hallways of Jabba's throne room include a room with the middle floor damaged, and a massive walkway towards the entrance of the building. This only opens if played on Extraction when the container reaches the end.

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