Dune Sea Exchange is a map featured in Star Wars Battlefront. It is playable in Battles, Blast, Drop ZoneHero BattlesHeroes vs. Villains, Droid Run and Hero Hunt.


Dune Sea Exchange takes place on the desert planet of Tatooine. A Jawa Sandcrawler can be seen in the background, as well as a herd of Banthas. A sail barge and a Sarlacc Pit also appear in the map. The map has a large amount of equipment and a GR-75 Medium Transport that can be used as a vantage point. On some modes, a GR-75 Transport Shuttle can be seen taking off in the background. In the distance the escape pod that R2-D2 and C-3PO used to leave the Tantive IV can be seen.

Heroes vs. VillainsEdit

The Alliance spawns in front of the GR-75 (that will take off) while the Imperials spawn at the front of the sail barge. Imperial teams tend to camp on top of the middle transport shuttle.

Hero HuntEdit


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