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TIE Bomber (TIE/Sa Bomber)
TIE Bomber
Basic Info

(BFI), Starbomber (BFII)


Galactic Empire

Ship Details

2 1 Pilot 1 Bombardier

The TIE Bomber is the bomber-class ship for the Galactic Empire. It is heavily armoured, yet less so than a transport. This ship can hold two passengers so a second player operates the guided rockets, or fire proton torpedoes. It has high damage, perfect for taking out the various critical points on the enemy's capital ships. This is handy for getting points quickly, but these ships are basically useless for destroying other starships. These guys will definitely be in demand, and are one of the more useful ships in the game. Other equivalents of the TIE Bomber for the other three playable factions include: the V-Wing, CIS Strike Bomber, and Y-Wing.

Attacks (SWBFII)Edit

Name Image Ammo
Particle Cannon Particle Cannon Infinite Shots
Remote Rockets Remote Rocket Infinite Count
Proton Bombs Proton Bomb Infinite Count

Attacks (SWBFI)Edit

Name Image Ammo
Particle Cannon Particle Cannon Infinite Shots
Proton Torpedos Proton Torpedo 12 Count
Proton Bombs Proton Bomb 40 Count


  • In the Star Wars universe TIE-Bombers only require a single crew member who acts both as a pilot and bomber and can use all of the craft's weaponry.
  • They are among the original figures to return in the reboot, although as A.I. bombers.




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