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The TIE Advanced is a playable hero vehicle in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront and Star Wars Battlefront II.. It is Darth Vader's personal starfighter.

Star Wars Battlefront Edit

It was added as Hero Vehicle in the Death Star expansion pack and is playable in Fighter Squadron and Battle Station. It is the second vehicle to be added via DLC.

When the Advanced is present on the battlefront, two players will be able to spawn next to the vehicle and play as Vader's Imperial Aces. These two Aces have the respective call signs of Victor 2 and 3.

Star Wars Battlefront II Edit

Overview Edit

"Vader's speedy TIE is equipped with extraordinarily potent weapons systems, allowing it to deliver a withering hail of blaster bolts to overcome any enemy ship."
— Star Wars Battlefront II website

Abilities Edit

Gallery Edit

Vader TIEAdvanced SWB

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