For the scoped variant, see T-21B Targeting Rifle.

The T-21 Heavy Blaster Rifle is a light repeating blaster featured in the Star Wars universe. It officially debuted as a usable weapon in Star Wars Battlefront.

Star Wars BattlefrontEdit

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"The T-21 is a robust heavy blaster that delivers massive damage at long ranges. Its only drawback is its slow rate of fire and lack of optics."
— In-game description

The T-21 is designated as a heavy blaster in Star Wars Battlefront. It is the primary weapon of Shadow Troopers, which means that it can be a dangerous weapon, that can be used for sniping and charging.


This blaster is unlocked at rank 10 and can be purchased with 2,500 in-game credits for both factions. In first-person view mode optical zoom is unavailable since the T-21 is not fitted with any kind of optics, so basic zooming is used instead. The rate of fire for the T-21 is very low, meaning it can take some time before a humanoid can be killed, even though its high damage only requires 2-3 shots for a kill.


  • The T-21 Heavy Blaster is based on the Lewis gun.
  • The T-21 is one of the few blasters to have no scope attached.
  • Imperial Guards use this as their primary weapon when spawned as Emperor Palpatine's body guards.
  • The T-21 is the most powerful heavy blaster out of the 4.