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A cave entrance on Survivors on Endor.

Survivors on Endor is a map that was added on March 8, 2016. It supports Walker Assault and Supremacy.

Overview Edit

The time of the map indicates it's early evening. Like the other Endor Map, and Cloud City, there is only 1 walker present because of the thick trees, and this also goes for the lack of air vehicles. The only air vehicles that appear are Y-Wings if you are playing Walker Assault, but these are controlled by AI.

The map is mostly the aftermath of the Battle of Endor. There are several caves which home spiders and few lights. Outside holds a massive fire with a destroyed AT-AT, although most trees are still intact.

A body of water is present midway with multiple rocks and mountains that can be used for cover or sniper fire. The water is amok with light reflections and beautiful flora.

At the very end of the map is where the Ewok Village appears, with much larger trees than the other Endor map. Also present in the background is the destroyed Shield Generator as it sits in ruin.

The back story behind this map is that the Galactic Empire's forces are in ruins due to the Battle of Endor. So the Rebels have to destroy the remaining Imperials. Despite this, villains are still allowed to spawn on the map. In the cave, there is a mini cave that contains a giant spider, but it just sits there.

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