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Super Battle Droid
Basic Info



Separatist Alliance

Unit Details

Wrist Blaster

Secondary Weapon:



Wrist Rocket

The Super Battle Droids, better known as B2 super battle droids, and nicknamed "Supers" by Republic Clone Troopers during combat, are the basic CIS infantry unit, replacing the Battle Droids from the The Battle Of Naboo, and equipped with the basic weapons for taking out enemy units, including a few rockets. Super Battle Droids are an all-purpose type of infantry, and the CIS army contains a lot of these droids. The Super Battle Droids are among the most versatile troops due to their built in rockets and their "pocket" version of a shotgun.

Attacks (SWBFII)Edit

Name Image Ammo
Wrist Blaster Wrist Blaster 250 Shots
Tri-Shot Tri-Shot Infinite Shots
B2-WW Wrist Rockets B2-WW 3 Count

Attacks (SWBFI)Edit

Name Image Ammo
Wrist Blaster Wrist Blaster 275 Shots
Tri-Shot Tri-Shot Infinite Shots
B2-WW Wrist Rockets B2-WW 4 Count

Award WeaponsEdit


The Super Battle Droid, like most of the Separatist units, only has one skin. However, their dark appearance can allow them to blend in with the darkness.


  • In Renegade Squadron and Elite Squadron, the Super Battle Droid can be incorrectly armed with normal blasters instead of built in ones.
    • This is further counteracted by the fact that Super Battle Droids cannot use hand-held blasters (without modifying) due to their large finger-less hands.
  • Super Battle Droids are the among the most versatile infantry units, being able to use both a shotgun, and missiles, as well as posessing a versatile wrist blaster.
  • In SWBFI, the Super Battle Droid is replaced by the B-1 Battle Droid on Naboo in the campaign.



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