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SoroSuub Refinery is a map featured in Star Wars Battlefront, it was added in the Outer Rim Expansion Pack. It is playable in Droid Run, Cargo, Extraction, Heroes vs. Villains, and Blast.

SoroSuub Refinery takes place on the factory planet of Sullust, home of Nien Nunb.

The map has a large amounts of machinery and a humongous forge for making various objects. There are two platforms. The first platform is used as the Rebel spawning point in most modes. The second is used as the Imperial spawning point for some modes. Using a Jump Pack as an Imperial, one can jump to the first platform.


Extraction on this map is tricky because there are lots of hiding spots and turns for the shipment. The map is also small enough for players to camp around the shipment and gain more kills.

When playing as the Rebels, their heroes include Luke Skywalker, Nien Nunb, and Princess Leia. The Imperials have access to Boba Fett on the first Checkpoint and Darth Vader on the second Checkpoint.


  • There is an easter egg where the monster that attacked Luke in A New Hope can be seen swimming around a tank.

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