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"Covered with smoke, ash and flowing lava Sullust is a hot and harsh environment. The planet is the home world of the Sullustans."
— Official Star Wars Battlefront EA Website Description
Basic Info

Sullust is the primary planet of the Sullust system and is a playable location in Star Wars Battlefront. The planet is located in the Outer Rim Territories and is the home of the Sullustans. It is currently the only planet where Magma Troopers appear.


Sullust is a volcanic planet that has molten magma and sulfur all over it's surface. It has beautiful lakes and ponds of turquoise water that dot the surface of the mostly black planet. The people of Sullust live in under ground cities, such as Pinyunb. Most of the population of Sullust is employed to Sorosuub, a company that manufactures vehicles among other objects for the Galactic Empire.

Nien Nunb led a series of rebellions on the planet, which were not taken kindly by the Empire.

Sullust appeared in Battlefront: Twilight Company. It has a big impact in the latter part of the narrative

Despite being a location, Sullust was only mentioned in the Orginal Trilogy, and didn't make an official appearance, making it the only planet during and after the original trilogy that doesn't appear.


AT-AT Hangar Edit

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Imperial Hangar (1) Edit

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Imperial Hangar (2) Edit

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Overpower Edit

AT-ST training mission.

SoroSuub Centroplex Edit

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SoroSuub Pipelines Edit

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SoroSuub Refinery Edit

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Sulfur Fields Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • This is the first appearance of Sullust in the new Star Wars canon, although it was mentioned in Return of the Jedi by Darth Vader and seen from space in an episode of The Clone Wars.
  • Sullust is modeled after Iceland, and the developers recorded much of Sullust's ambient sounds in Iceland.
  • There is a large, water-covered moon visible in Sullust's sky, which in Star Wars Legends continuity was named Sulon, an agricultural colony. The design of the moon in-game is closely based on how the moon looked in Star Wars Legends.
  • This is currently one of the two planets in-game that are playable, but didn't appear in the original trilogy, the other being Jakku.
  • Despite being a hot planet, there is a lake filled with clean water.

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