To do this strategy, you need to be skillful and stealthy. Start on Mos Eisley as the Republic or Imperial and choose whatever class you want for now.

Go and capture the Cantina Command Post and switch over to Heavy Trooper/Shock Trooper or the Engineer class, though Engineer is preferred for this strategy. After you get yourself ready by restocking your Ammunition and heal up, go to the "arena" CP. There you carefully watch AIs as they jump off the barge onto the ground below. Note their location where they jump. Then when you are ready, go to where they typically land and place a Detpack/Mine on the barge's hull on the AI's jumping flight path. Note that this is the most dangerous part of the strategy. Now, go back and hide where you can see the jumping AIs. This strategy may need some patience as sometime the AI are not as stupid and hesitate. Some may even look like they are about to jump but when the jump failed, they end up going down the ramp instead. But when they do jump, have fun blowing them up midair! Detpacks allow more fun into the strategy due to the urge to trigger the explosive.


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