Strategy: Coruscant/2-Flag CTF/Republic/RebelsEdit


  • Spawn as a Soldier (Class) then go down the corridor until you see a Command Post. Capture it.
  • Looking out from the Command Post, there will be a corridor. Enemies will normally have made it half-way up the corridor by now.
  • Go out and throw all but one of your Thermal Detonators.
  • Advance through the clearings you made; let your teammates mop up enemies behind you.
  • Go as far as you can until you have to hide. Throw any remaining Thermal Detonators at the enemy flag.
  • The next step is a hit-and-miss affair: as enemies focus on charging allies sneak round the side and take the flag.
  • Go back the way you came and sprint back to your Flag Capture point.
  • Repeat until victory or defeat.


  • Spawn as an Engineer (Class) then go down the corridor until you see a Command Post. Capture it.
  • Deploy a Detpack near your Flag.
  • Enemies normally come up the left side; defend this side.
  • If an enemy gets near the flag, kill them with your shotgun; if a group of enemies gets near detonate the Detpack and immediately deploy another one.
  • If an enemy gets the flag and survives the initial defense kill them and lay down a Detpack at the flag and try to defend until the flag resets (15 seconds without being taken).

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