• A good strategy for the Republic is to send one AT-RT off on the west road, and another to the east pavilion. Take command post five on the road and secure command post four overlooking the sinkhole. Your troops will mostly do this for you. You now control the southern half of the map. Your troops must hold command post five or the CIS flank you and take command post six. The bulk of your force should be fighting to gain control of two and at the same time defend four, and the droids will also try to defend two and gain control of four. Bypass this action by switching to a Jet Trooper and jetting up to the ledge overlooking two. Fly even further back and land at one. With any luck and with good skill with the EMP Launcher, no droids will be there to prevent you from taking the command post. You now control both the southern part of the map but the northernmost part. Surrounded and outflanked, the droids will easily be defeated.


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