Droids are mechanical so they can walk outside on the asteroid. Take point 3 (which should be very easy) and then head outside onto the asteroid. Darth Maul, unlike the droids, can't go outside without sufficating. Capture point one (also easy) and the Republic will be surrounded and defeated easily.

Another way, which is less time consuming and gets your points and kills up is blocking a hallway. Let's take CP 2 and 3 for example. The only class that can do this is the Droideka, for there personal shields make the strategy work. When you spawn as a Droideka, come out of your ball and move forward crawling. Putting up your shields eliminate any Republic personal before getting to the hallway. The hallway has a hangar, which spawns a AAT tank, and is one of 4 ways to capture either one of the CPs. Stand in the hallway with your shields up, and kill any clone you see. When no clones are coming, bring your shields down and let them recharge, before bringing them up once again. Continue this strategy but I however warn you; some lucky people may get past, either because of a group that was too big for you to kill them all, they take a alternate route, or your caught off guard. The counters to this strategy are either taking a alternate route and flanking the Droideka, stand out of sight and spam the Droideka with grenades, spam it with rockets, or simply using the alternate route and not even attack the Droideka.

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