Mustafar snipersEdit

There are several points where enemy snipers can pick off your troops. Enemy snipers are usually located near by CP 3 and CP 6.


When playing as ClonesEdit

When playing as clones, spawn at base 5, then quickly destroy the lava bridge control. This keeps Droids from crossing over and taking the base. Hurry up and Exit using the small door to the east of the base. Watch out when you emerge, there will most likely be lots of Droids. Make your way to base 2 and protect it until you see an opening. Cross sides of the room and head through the door that opens to a stair case. Ascend the staircase to reach base 4 take it and be on your guard. Now you most likely have a good enough advantage to win. Make sure base 2 stays in your hands and take other bases as you wish.

When playing as Clones or RebelsEdit

Spwan at CP 5 and destory the lava bridge. You might lose a ally or 2 but you could get alot of kills from people coming from CP 0 going to CP 5. Now, quickly get to CP 4 and capture it then capture CP 3. Now, as long as no one repaired the bridge, all your enemies only have one way to go making themeral denoators and vanguards become very useful. Also, if your playing as a sniper, spwan at CP 4 and go down the stairs leading into the main building and keep walking forward to find a great sniping spot to guard anyone trying to capture CP 5.

The counter to preveous strategyEdit

When playing as the Empire or CIS, quickly spwan at CP 0 and just pick the Storm Trooper or Super Battle Droid and the sprint across the bridge. If your playing as the Imperals, pull out your pistol so you run faster. Distrace all the Clones/Rebels at CP 5. You will most likely be out numbered but most AI soldiers will cross the bridges so your scafice will not go in vein. This way, most enemy units will be focused on you and not trying to destory the bridge panel. Also, if they do destory the bridge, pick the engineer and spwan at CP 3 and walk to CP 1. Capture it if you want but if playing against humans, just take the hallway above CP 1 (as in above CP 1 on the map) and goto CP 5 and repair the bridge so you don't get corvered in. and then procede to capture CP 5. You can also spwan at any other CP other then 0 since, if that's your only option, you should just try and go capture CP 3. Also note. it IS possiable to competely swap all CPs as long as you have someone ready to capture CPs 1, 2 and 5 after you lose CP 0, which will most likely be the last CP you will have. Then, use the same strategy of destorying the bridge.

Counter TO the counterEdit

Just don't lose CP 5. It's your most inportant Command Post. If it's your last CP, repair the bridge and go can capture CP 0. Also, having a sniper at the prevous said spot (From CP 4, go down the stairs leading into the building and walk forward.) is very good spot for whoever doesn't have CP 0.

Basic ideaEdit

As a Clone or Rebel, try and destory the bridge and capture CP 0 last. As a Imperal or Droid, try and keep the bridge in tact and capture in the order of CP 5, CP 2 and capture CP 1 last since there's only 2 ways to escape which will be hard to be able to do. A Jet trooper might be able to fly to the hallway East of CP 2.

Mustafar map

Mustafar map. Blue= Rebel Alliance and Republic. Red= Empire and CIS.


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