In Mos Eisley, (Battlefront II) it is advised to choose the Assault Class (Assault Droid, Heavy Trooper, Rebel Vanguard, or the Shock Trooper). Then, proceed to run along the walls of the buildings. It's probably a good idea to get some AI to come along with you (for protection). Now, alternate between picking off enemies with your pistol, which will raise your rank for "Gunslinger", and providing heavy supporting fire for friendly assaults by following groups of friendlies and blowing up turrets. If you don't destroy these turrets, they will rapidly decrease your troop levels. You can also use the Engineer unit to destroy these turrets. It would be preferable to have the Engineer be equipped with the Award Shotgun so that enemies will be killed fairly quickly. The Detpacks will make short work of the turrets.

It's also possible to use a Soldier unit when equipped permanently with the Elite Rifle. If used correctly, it will take only a single burst to take down most enemies.


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