501st legion assaultEdit

501st legion assault: The droids have a bit of an advantage, being closer to their next CP. Not to worry. Just capture point 4, then point 3 (Normally the droids have control), and 5(droids have control, always.) Your troops normally have control of the library (point 2.) Change into a sniper and pick off droids coming from point one(stay far back, droidekas are lethal) Eventually, your team will win the battle. Also, if the droids attack one of your CPs(during the sniper part,)change back into a clone trooper and recapture it. You can't allow the droids to regain CPs.

Conquest Leader BonusEdit

If you use a leader bonus on this map in Galatic Conquest mode, you can win easily as any team. Quickly spwan and run to the enemies Command Post. They will all spwan near it meaning racking up kills will be easy. If you die, you could out number the enemy 1.5 to 1, you could take there command post meaning no more enemies will spwan or they might manage to capture another Command Post while you at their starting CP. It's a easy way to capture Coruscant unless your enemy also uses a leader bonus.


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