• The Clone Commander Tactics can be related to the Team Fortress 2 Heavy and Scout Tactics. Let's start with the Chaingun. The Chaingun is related to the TF2 Mini gun wielded by the Heavy. It cuts everything to ribbons in front of it, but the farther you get away from the target, the less likely hood that you will actually hit it. A chain gun with Rage can destroy a enemy in about 5 second, since the gun fires out a spray of fire that can hit the head and body at the same time. The distance weapon is the pistol of is class. The pistol can be used for long range targets, firing when your primary overheats, and make the Clone Commander a deadly adversary. The pistol tactic, can also be referred to the TF2 Scouts Tactic.
  • The Clone Commander is a support class. His deadly Chaingun rips apart infantry, and only few enemies can withstand the volley for several seconds, or rival the class. The Clone Commander may carry his weapon like a rocket, but he has less armor than a Heavy Trooper or Shock Trooper.


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