Starfighter Assault is a twenty-four player game mode in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II that centers around dogfighting in space. Each map has unique objectives tailored to its design and respective era, similar to Galactic Assault.

Each playable faction has three starfighter classes available to them; fighter, bomber and interceptor. This mode can be played in all three eras: the prequel, original, and sequel trilogies.


Starfighter Assault on Fondor takes place around an Imperial Shipyard. On this map, Rebel Alliance starfighters must complete three stages to eventually destroy an Imperial Star Destroyer. The Empire can stop the Rebels by protecting their two Imperial Light Cruisers and the shipyard's shield generators.


Starfighter Assault on Ryloth takes place around a Lucrehulk Battleship

The Republic must destroy the tractor beam generator on the first stage to free their cruisers

On the second stage, the Republic must destroy the Lucrehold's communication array to stop the Separatist from calling in more reinforcements.

The final stage requires the Republic to first attack the control tower in order to open up the blast doors to attack the core. The Republic only have 30 seconds to attack the core. After that, the Republic must attack the control tower again until they destroy the core or lose all their reinforcements.


Starfighter Assault on Endor takes place around Death Star Debris.


Starfighter Assault on Kamino takes place around a Research Outpost. On the first stage , the Separatist must destroy the bridge of a Venator class star destroyer.

Unknown RegionsEdit

Starfighter Assault in the Unknown Regions takes place around a Resurgent Star Destroyer.

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  • Do a quick 180 by rolling upside down and turning up or down.


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