The Star Wars Edition Vanilla White PSP is part of a special bundle package that includes the Star Wars edition Vanilla White model with an image of Darth Vader printed on the backside of the device and Star Wars: Battlefront Renegade Squadron included with the device as a pack-in game. New hardware features will include a brighter screen, faster loading times, improved battery life, and a video-out port which will allow stored videos to be played on an external screen along with actual gameplay. Sony also moved the WiFi switch to the top of the console (preventing it from being switched accidentally during gameplay), and redesigned the mechanics of the UMD tray. Also, another change was the removal of the infra-red port, since in the original PSP, there was an infra-red port, but has no use. Probably, it's because Sony wanted to add one or more features that used that port, but later changed plans, and decided to not add such feature(s), but left the IR port on the console. The new PSP design will offer 64 MB of RAM instead of the older PSP's 32 MB or RAM to improve gameplay and game sharing. The announced price is set at $169.99 for the Core Pack, and $199.99 for the newer PSP entertainment packages. The original version of the PSP is also set to be priced at $169.99, until they will be sold out.[28] Production of the original design is already haulted, and by the time the new design launches, the older designs will be sold out, according to Sony's speculations. Demo video of the new device from E3. The slim PSP was seen to be running firmware version 3.60, which was not available for the standard PSP. This fueled speculation that the 3.60 firmware update might include features talked about at E3, such as a DLNA client.

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