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Star Wars Battlefront 2 released with 24 player online and is slightly superior in graphical quality to the original. The game is for PC, Xbox, Playstation 2, and Playstation Portable. The game is also available on Steam. On 31 May 2014, the multiplayer was shut down, after the death of IGN's GameSpy. However, some players have engineered ways of allowing online play to continue. 

There are more innovative map designs, such as a rancor that will eat you in Jabba's Palace. There are also full space battles, which really help to immerse you in the Star Wars universe more than just ground battles alone.


Unlike SWBF1, you can get rewards for acquiring awards. After each battle the reward must be regained until you reach legendary rank in the award. At that point you can keep the reward forever.

You must also unlock special character classes for getting certain numbers of points each battle. The Rebels get Bothan Spies and Wookies, The Imperials get Officers and Dark Troopers, The Old Republic gets Jet Troopers and Clone Commanders, and the CIS gets Magnaguards and Droideka.

Rise of the Empire CampaignEdit

Unlike SWBF1, there is a narrative campaign that can be played on either singleplayer or co-op (except on PC where co-op isn't an option, and on PsP which of course isn't co-op nor does it have this campaign). The story is about the 501st Legion and the journey from a clone trooper's perspective from the Battle of Mygeeto to the Battle of Hoth. The story is narrated by a retired clone trooper.

PsP CampaignEdit

The PsP campaign, however, is not the Rise of the Empire. There are three modes: Imperial Enforcer, Rogue Assassin, and Rebel Raider.


The tutorial on PC, Ps2, and Xbox is the unofficial first level of the Rise of the Empire campaign, as it is also narrated by a retired clone trooper. However, the tutorial is optional in the Rise of the Empire campaign so it can be skipped without missing a major part of the story. It is set on the Geonosis map, and the clone commander gives you different tasks that teach you how to use different weapons and tools utilized by each class, including the Hero Class (Mace Windu in this case), in a series of battle situations.

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