The Squad Shield is a Power Up in Star Wars Battlefront.

Description Edit

The Squad Shield is a portable energy shield that protects users from blaster fire and other energy weapons.

The shield makes a round barrier around the player when deployed. When it's deployed, it prevents enemy players from killing you with a blaster, (Excluding the Cycler Rifle and Scatter Gun). As it gets hit, the shield decreases around the player's health. When it's on for too long, or it takes too much damage, the shield breaks.

Behind the scenesEdit

When the game was first released, the shield used to be vulnerable to any kind of explosive in addition to kinetic weapons. So basically if a player set down a shield right next to an uplink in Walker Assault, most likely a hoard of grenades would be thrown directly into the player's position. This has now been changed so that the shield deflects grenades from passing through.

Gallery Edit

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