Security droid specialist

Specialist Battle Droid

The Specialist class is one of the four trooper classes present in Star Wars Battlefront II. Specialists use deadly traps to harass enemy forces, reveal battlefield information to their companions, and attack the enemy with long range weapons.

This class has 100 health points, low durability, moderate mobility and are equipped with long range weapons and traps.


Each faction has it's own Specialist class.

Confederacy of Independent SystemsEdit

Galactic RepublicEdit

Galactic EmpireEdit

Rebel Alliance Edit

First Order Edit

Resistance Edit

Star CardsEdit

Boost CardsEdit

  • Stealth – You remain hidden from enemy scanners when firing your weapon, and you deal increased melee damage.
  • Marksman – When you defeat an enemy with a headshot, your weapon heat will be reset and your weapon will produce less heat until you overheat next time.
  • Expert Weapons Handling – Your weapon cooling success states are longer.
  • Brawler – When you defeat an enemy in melee combat, your abilities refresh and you gain a small amount of health.
  • Bodyguard – Take reduced damage from explosions and toxins.
  • Survivalist – Your health regeneration delay is shorter than normal.
  • Bounty Hunter – You gain Battle Points at an increased rate.
  • Resourceful – All of your abilities have shorter recharge times.

Ability CardsEdit

  • Improved Shock Grenade – An improved Shock Grenade that has a longer duration and radius.
  • Stinger Pistol – A pistol firing stinger projectiles that deal damage over time, preventing the victims from regenerating health. Deals additional damage to heroes and villains.
  • Repulsor Cannon – A modified version of the CA-87 weapon that fires a powerful short-range shockwave, capable of knocking enemies off their feet.
  • Hardened Infiltration – An improved version of Infiltration where you gain incoming damage reduction to increase your survivability on the battlefront.
  • Scramble Infiltration – An improved version of Infiltration that marks enemies for your allies and scrambles all enemy scanners in range.
  • Killstreak Infiltration – An improved version of Infiltration that replenishes your active time when you defeat an enemy.
  • Improved Thermal Binoculars – An improved version of the Thermal Binoculars that allows you to tag enemies and relay their locations to your teammates.
  • Personal Shield – Creates a shield bubble surround you and blocking damage from all direction. You cannot fire your weapon while the shield is active.
  • Trip Mine – A mine with laser tripwire. Detonates when an enemy soldier crosses the tripwire.

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