Sonic Pistol
Basic Info

Special Pistol


Galactic Empire

Weapon Details

Infinite Shots

Rate of Fire:



Sonic Pistol

The Sonic Pistol is a unique weapon used by the Imperial Officer, very similar to the Geonosian Sonic Blaster. It is one of the special weapons available to the Galactic Empire.


The Sonic Pistol fires powerful, green-colored, magnified sound waves. These waves travel relatively slowly, so you will have to watch your aim. Try firing at the head, if you do hit, it is almost always grant a kill, although this is hard to do. If you hit some other part of the body then the damage of your gun is minimal. The Sonic Pistol's range is also something to keep track of, this is a low range gun and is best for small crowded corners like on Death Star or Polis Massa. Though the blaster is weak against units, it can fire pretty fast, making it (and it's corresponding unit) worth using.


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