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Shock Troopers are playable Imperial units available at rank 70 for 20,000 credits.

Multiplayer Edit

Up until the Bespin DLC, the Shock Trooper served as Emperor Palpatine's bodyguard unit, with only two being able to spawn at once. They had superior health to other players and were armed with DLT-19 Heavy Blasters, Smart Rockets and Homing Shots. The Bespin DLC however, saw the Shock Trooper become an unlockable skin for the Empire and the Royal Guard took its place, being armed with T-21 and T-21B Blasters.

Missions Edit

In Missions mode, they are the Empire's heavy gunners,

They are one of the most dangerous enemies present in the single-player missions, having more health than regular NPC soldiers and a more powerful weapon. They will appear once the player has achieved 26 points and will continue to spawn from there on. They will also spawn on the player's side if friendly AI is enabled after the enemy side gains more than 25 points.

NPC AttacksEdit

Name Image
DLT-19 Heavy Blaster DLT19 dice image
RT-97C Heavy Blaster (Skirmish Mode Only) RT97C dice image
Personal Shield (Skirmish Mode Only) PersonalShieldDICE


  • Despite being prevalent in the game, Shock Troopers never made an appearance in the original trilogy. It was in Revenge of the Sith that they were seen, and they were Clone Troopers instead of enlisted Stormtroopers.
  • They were originally the Empire's Hero Bodyguards until they were replaced by Imperial Royal Guards and made available as a skin.
  • They are the first troopers in the game that had a purpose prior to their availability as a skin.
  • They are the first troopers that were given a different cost to purchase.