A light side-arm effective at taking out opponents at close range. It quickly loses its capabilities at longer distances.

The Scout Pistol is a short to medium range weapon that takes out one enemy with two shots. It must be carefully shot, or else they will fail to hit the target.

This blaster was the side arm of Scout Troopers on Endor in Return of The Jedi, which was used to effectively destroy enemy speeders. It is however weak, and took at least 3 shots.


Being that this Star Card is one of the first Cards that players will unlock in the game, it will also appear in many kinds of load-outs for beginners. One of these load-outs is using the Scout Pistol and Thermal Detonator as your Asset Cards, and Ion Shot as your Charge Card. The blaster that would work best with this load-out is the default blaster rifle for whichever faction you are playing as. Since it is advised that players spend their first credits on Star Cards instead of blasters. Grenades can be thrown while the scout pistol is armed, so a well used strategy on close up maps is to keep the scout pistol armed all the time it can be, simply because it is a great weapon that doesn't restrict you. It is also great for snipers moving to a new spot, as the sniper's primary weapon is usually not one suited to up close combat.

Behind the scenesEdit

When the original Scout Pistol prop was created for Return of The Jedi, it was one of the only weapons to be cast out of an original mold.

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