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These vehicles appear as background, destroyable, or CP scenery in the SWBF series, you cannot enter them but some can be captured or destroyed.


  • The Hardcell-class Transport (A destroyable ship on the Geonosis Spire map in SWBFI)
  • The Lucrehulk-class Control Ship in the Separatist space battles.
  • The Forward Command Centre in the Geonosis Spire map is a CP vehicle.
  • the death star can be seen in the sky on endor
  • faambas are on the battle of naboo as destoryable command posts
  • executor class star dreadnought
  • the millenium falcon on hoth
Sail Barge



The executor in space endor

Oevvaor jet catamaran
C-9979 landing craft

A cis landing craft

Lucrehulk-class battleship


Core ship1 Core ship2 FCC


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