This page is for the sayings heard from the troopers on the battlefield.

This is only for Star Wars: Battlefront II.


  • TA: The Annoucer: A voice of that of a commanding officer will say these things.
  • RT: Regular Trooper: Troops on the battlefield will say these things.

Rebels Edit

  • What are you doing!? (RT)
  • Imperial Officer! Take him out! (RT)
  • Hey! (RT)
  • Are you blind?? (RT)
  • Grenade. GRENADE! (RT)
  • Grenade! (RT)
  • Rebel scum this! (RT)
  • Yeah, that armor works real well... (RT)
  • You think that's gonna help?! (RT)
  • Ohhh, he felt that! (RT)
  • Don't get up! (RT)

Heroes Edit

Empire Edit

  • Join the Empire!/Save the Galaxy! (RT): This is usaully said by two troops in Rise of the Empire. (THFPVG): I heard this in Rise of the Empire, in the mission for Naboo.
  • Take out the Tauntaun! (RT)
  • Watch it! (RT)
  • Snowspeeder! (RT)
  • Someone take down that snowspeeder! (RT)
  • Princess Leia is on the battlefield. Now I know most of you haven't seen a woman in 3 months, but let's be professional about this! (RT)
  • We need more troopers like you. (RT)
  • For the Emperor! (RT)
  • Save some for the rest of us! (RT)
  • Glad you're on our side! (RT)
  • Wookiee! (RT) (Imperial Officer)
  • Fur-bag! (RT)
  • Squash the scum! (RT) (IO)
  • I want those rebels dead! (RT) (Anyone)
  • Rebel! Take him out! (RT) (IO)
  • Get the rebel! (RT) (IO)
  • They're trying to flank us! (RT) (Anyone)
  • Watch your flanks! (RT) (IO)
  • Check your sides! (RT)
  • Cut them off! (RT)
  • He's coming around! (RT) (Anyone)
  • Wipe them out! (RT)
  • Take out the wookiee! (RT)
  • Go! Get the wookiee! (RT)
  • Spy! (RT)
  • Get the Bothan! (RT)
  • Take out that spy! (RT)
  • Target that Bothan! (RT) (IO)
  • After the spy! (RT)
  • Speederbike! (RT)
  • Speeder bike! Take it down! (RT)
  • Take out that bike! (RT)
  • Get that speeder bike! (RT)
  • Down that bike! (RT)
  • Combat speeder! Take it out! (RT)
  • Take out that speeder! (RT)
  • Combat speeder!! Fire! (RT)
  • Combat speeder! Ready yourselves! (RT)
  • We've got a speeder over here! (RT)
  • Landspeeder! Take the shot, trooper! (RT) (IO)
  • You've got a clear shot! Take down that speeder! (RT)
  • Take the shot! IRT)
  • Landspeeder! Take the shot! (RT)
  • Snowspeeder coming in! (RT)
  • Attack that snowspeeder! (RT)
  • Target that snowspeeder! (RT)
  • Watch it, snowspeeder! (RT) (Anyone)
  • Take down that speeder! (RT)
  • Attack that snowspeeder now! (RT)
  • Fire on that snowspeeder! (RT)
  • D0 it! (RT)
  • You've got a clear shot on that snowspeeder! (RT)
  • Fire at will on that snowspeeder! (RT)
  • That snowspeeder's vulnerable! (RT)
  • Take out the tauntaun! (RT)
  • Target the tauntaun! (RT)
  • Tauntaun! Take him out! What is that thing? Better kill it. (RT)
  • They're using tauntauns! (RT)
  • Take down that skiff! (RT)
  • For the emperor! (RT)
  • That skiff is in our way. Take it out. (RT)
  • Hover skiff! Take it down. (RT)
  • I want that skiff down! (RT)
  • Skiff. Fire NOW! (RT)
  • Finish off that skiff! (RT)
  • Take the shot! (RT)
  • Take out that skiff NOW! (RT)
  • Clear shot! Take it! (RT)
  • Woah! (Happy) (RT)
  • For the Empire! (IO) (RT)
  • And stay down! (RT)
  • W9-oah! (RT)
  • It's easy when they're stupid... (RT)
  • Too many of them! (RT)
  • We're taking heavy causluaties! (RT)
  • Hold your GROUND! (RT)
  • Fall back! (RT)
  • Return fire NOW! (RT)
  • Great shooting! (RT)
  • Mow 'em down. (RT)
  • Save some for the rest of us! (RT)
  • We need more troopers like you.. (RT)
  • Glad your on our side. (RT)
  • Get going! Take them down! (RT)
  • Now that's the way it's done! (RT)
    • t's like they want to be killed! (RT)
  • Yeah, yeah! (RT)
  • How many is that?! (RT)
  • Hostile Dead! (RT) (IO)
  • Good shot! (RT)
  • Go ahead! (RT)
  • Nice finish trooper! (RT)
  • One shot, one kill. (RT)
  • Bang! (RT) ((IO)
  • Grenade! (RT) (IO)
  • Down! (RT)


  • Boba Fett: 100...200...300. You guys are gonna make me rich.
  • Papa Palpatine: Bow before your emperor!

Republic Edit

  • Battle Droid! I've got 'em! (RT)
  • Battle Droids! I'm on them! (RT)
  • We've got Droids! (RT)
  • Clones! Watch your fire! (RT)
  • They're sending in the supers! (RT)
  • Watch those wrist rockets! (RT)
  • They're coming around! (RT)
  • They're trying to flank us!(RT)
  • Super Battle droid! Take 'em down! (RT)
  • Grenade, GRENADE! (RT)
  • They're using spiders! (RT)
  • Save it for the enemy! (RT)
  • Friendly fire! (RT)
  • Hit the dirt! Now!(RT)
  • It's Jango Fett! And he brought his head(RT)
  • It's Darth Maul! What's he going to do, bleed on us?(RT)
  • Knock it off! (RT)
  • Save some for the rest of us!
  • For the Chancellor! (RT)
  • Sniper fire! (RT)
  • Grenade, get down! (RT)
  • Someone take out that buzzer. (RT)
  • For the Republic! (RT)
  • Sniper, pinned down! (RT)
  • This way. (Player): Said by player's trooper when they tell the target ally to follow them.
  • Break off! (Player): Said when the player tells the target ally to Move out.
  • That's another command post for the Republic!(TA)

Campaign SpecificEdit

These are heard while you're playing the Rise of the Empire campaign, and are never heard while playing in other game modes.

  • Let's turn this place into a scrap pile!
  • Sir! I can see the dropship from here!

Heroes Edit

CIS Edit

  • AT-TE! (RT)


Links Edit

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