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The Sarlacc is a non-playable creature that appears in Star Wars Battlefront

Faction None
Class NPC
Weapon(s) none
Abilities Immortal
Appearances Star Wars Battlefront (2015)

Description Edit

The Sarlacc is an enemy seen exclusively on Tatooine: Dune Sea Exchange, Battles: Tatooine and Hero Battles: Tatooine. The Sarlacc, which is invulnerable, unlike the original Battlefront's one, is not going to use his tentacles against the player even if these can be seen, but anyways it will be able to kill the player if this one fall through his mouth. Ironically the only character who can escape from its stomach is Boba Fett (and possibly the Emperor). It's currently the only NPC that doesn't move.

Trivia Edit

  • Unlike the original game the Sarlacc doesn't use it's tentacles to grab players.
  • Like the Original game, however the sarlacc is completely unkillable.
  • By use of his Jetpack Boba Fett is the only character who can escape the Sarlacc.
  • However the Emperor might be able to use his power of unsupported flight.

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