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The SE-14C Blaster Pistol is a blaster pistol in the Star Wars universe. It officially debuted as a usable weapon in Star Wars Battlefront.

Star Wars BattlefrontEdit

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SE14C dice image
Unlocked at Rank 14
Unlock cost 2,500 credits
Damage 10-20
Rate of fire 110 RPM

800 RPM (Burst)

Range Close to Medium
Cooling power 29 shots
"The SE-14C is a blaster pistol that fires 5-round bursts, making it ideal for close-quarter combat."
— In-game description

The SE-14C is a blaster pistol featured in Star Wars Battlefront.


It is unlocked at rank 14 and can be purchased with 2,500 in-game credits. It features 800 rpm 5-round burst fire in exchange for its short range.

Because it's a pistol that's semi-automatic, it is an upgrade to the DH-17 in terms of damage, and some range.


  • The SE-14C Blaster Pistol is based on the SE-14r

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