Rhen Var: Harbour is an ice world. Both eras can battle. There's a single AT-TE and two IFT-Xs for the Galactic Republics side, and the Separatist Alliance has two AATs. The Galactic Empire makes use of AT-ATs and IFT-Ts, while the Rebel Alliance has Rebel Combat Landspeeders. There's three main buildings in a little courtyard, two for the CIS, one neutral. The Republic has an internal CP inside a doughnut shaped ice tunnel, and a tank-launching CP where all the tanks spawn, a good distance from the courtyard. The CIS can easily take the Republics ice-cave command post by sending Droidekas which are good in the tight spaces of the caves with their shields. This map is a all round map where you can find that nearly every weapon can be good.

Campaign ModeEdit

This map is only in the Clone Wars campaign; the Galactic Civil War campaign has the other Rhen Var map, Rhen Var: Citadel. You are on the Republic's side battling to take down the Separatist base on that world.

The MapEdit

Clone Wars

Galactic Civil War


Laser Turret X12

Several in the buildings that make up the CIS's or Rebellion's (depending on the war you choose to fight in) Command Post.


Heroes (SWBFI)Edit

  • Mace Windu (Republic)
  • Count Dooku (CIS)
  • Darth Vader (Empire)
  • Luke Skywalker (Rebellion)

Heroes (SWBFII)Edit

  • Kit Fisto (Republic) (Xbox Live Patch)
  • Asajj Ventress (CIS) (Xbox Live Patch)
  • Darth Vader (Empire) (Xbox Live Patch)
  • Luke Skywalker (Rebellion) (Xbox Live Patch)

Combat ModesEdit




To add to a Glitch or Strategy PageEdit

If you play as the rebels with their Land Speeder Tank, you can use this glitch. First, find the mountain slope opposite of the ice cave opening on the rebel side. Next, back away, then drive your tank toward the mountain as fast as you can. Turn the speeder at the last second and you will slide up the mountain about 50 feet. Before you slide back down move forward and you will fall down up the stairs that you could not normally drive up as a tank. You can get on top of buildings as a tank using this glitch. This is the only way to get on the tops of the buildings as well, so using this glitch gives you access to a great sniper spot. This tactic can also be used to fight the AT-AT more effectively. You can slide up several of the mountains in the map, including the one that contains the ice cave and separates the two sides of the map. As the AT-AT walks by you can slide up the mountain until you are actually above and to the side of the AT-AT. You can then use the height to your advantage by shooting down onto the AT-AT's neck as you slide off. Another glitch on Rhen Var: Harbor is available to the Jet Trooper class for clones. This is for PC. Spawn in the Ice Caves and if you are facing the entrance go to the right wall in the back chamber. By running along the wall you should fall through the ice and you can use the jet pack to fly anywhere you want. If underground or behind the mountain, enemy troops cannot see you. Find floor that extends behind the mountain or ice wall to land and shoot at leisure. If you go beyond the wall/mountain you will be back in the game normally. As far as i know,this is a PC  glitch only. Just right of the exit of the ice caves,there is a set of stairs. Go up these stairs,and in one of the corners there will be a small space that you can just barely fit through. The enemies will not be able to see you and you can see (and shoot) them.