"I think I've got this."
— Rey

Rey is a playable hero for the Resistance in Star Wars Battlefront II. She was first seen in The Force Awakens and will return in the following movies of the sequel trilogy. She has three abilities: Dash Strike, Mind Trick, and Insight.

She was voiced by Helen Sadler before being replaced by Daisy Ridley (reprising as Rey from Star Wars: The Force Awakens) during the Beta.


Rey uses her Force powers to gain an advantage over the enemy. She can charge into battle with her lightsaber, taking out multiple enemies in a row, or use a Jedi mind trick to confuse players in her sight. She can also reveal enemy units for herself and her teammates to allow for deadly flanking strategies.

Rey does not have as much health as other heroes, so it is wise to keep an eye on how much damage she takes during a battle. Luckily, she is agile, and a well-planned jump will send her sailing away from danger. (Be mindful of doing the opposite and leaping into an area of enemy units.) While away from battle, she will recover health and can return the fight as soon as she is strong enough. Rey is a support hero and should not be used to make prolonged attacks in enemy territory. Use her to defend friendly objectives or to pick off enemies that get close to them.


Dash StrikeEdit

Rey charges forward with her lightsaber held high, dealing damage to enemies who dare stand in the way. When dashing, Rey's general direction can be altered, though she cannot make quick turns, and the dash itself is relatively slow. However, if she lines up enough enemies in her sights, this ability can be quite effective.

To combat Rey's dash strike, it is best to get out of her line of attack as fast as possible. Her strike is often lethal, so once you are hit, it's too late.

Mind TrickEdit

Rey causes nearby enemies to be dazed and confused for a brief period of time. Like other Force abilities, Rey can only affect units in her direct line of sight. When under a mind trick, units will display obvious signs of confusion. Battle Droid heads will rotate uncontrollably, and Stormtroopers will look lost, helpless, and confused.

When under a Jedi mind trick, the player's controls will be reversed. Forwards becomes backwards, and left becomes right. If you become targeted by Rey's mind trick, it is best to stay calm and quickly familiarize yourself with the new controls. Then, try to get as far away from danger as possible until the ability wears off. However, if Rey is using her Insight ability, you may still be in danger of being hunted down and killed.


Rey takes a moment to deeply sense her surroundings, revealing and highlighting all nearby enemies. Rey can use this ability to coordinate flanking attacks and ambushes against enemy units.

As an enemy, it is impossible to tell if Rey is using her Insight. Regardless, it is always best to be aware of your surroundings and of her location at all times. Watch the map in the corner, as enemy heroes always manifest as a red dot when nearby. If she seems to be approaching, try to keep your distance.