Remote Rocket

Remote Rocket

Type Rocket
Rate of Attack Unknown
Damage Medium

The Remote Rocket is a primary weapon for the co-pilot in the space transports (e.g. LAAT/i Gunship, Droid Gunship) and in the Empire AT-ST. The Rocket is the same as Chewbacca's Guided Rocket and the upgraded Rocket Launcher for Assault Units (e.g. Shock Trooper ). It has the same controls as a starfighter. The Rocket is destroyed if it hits an enemy, part of the battlefront, and when its stamina runs out. The stamina automatically drops, but the throttle and evasive action shorten the Rocket's flying time as well. If the Rocket hits an enemy, the enemy is damaged along with others in the blast radius. The explosion is much bigger when the rocket hits into its target with boost engaged.


The Remote Rocket in Star Wars Battlefront II

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