Relby V-10
WeaponRelbyV10 big-c8adcec7
Unlocked at Hutt Contract
Unlock cost 8,000
Damage 25-19
Rate of fire 350 RPM
Range Start drop off:10 meters

End drop off: 60 meters

Cooling power 15 shots

The Relby V-10 Targeting Rifle is a blaster featured in Star Wars Battlefront, it is one of the four weapons added in the Outer Rim expansion pack. It is also the weapon of choice for the Trandoshan Bounty Hunter Bossk.

Despite being a Targeting Rifle, the blaster's range is only moderate, as well with the amount of damage. It largely resembles a Blaster Rifle more than it does a Targeting Rifle. (Perhaps it was labeled as a Targeting Rifle because of its accuracy.)

The Hutt Contract for this weapon, (called "Contract Killer") includes the player getting 3 Targeting Rifle Streaks, 40 kills with any Heavy Blaster, and kill 15 enemies with any Targeting Rifle within a round.

The weapon possesses a fore-grip much like the EE-4. This rifle fires much faster than both the T-21B,and DLT-19X.


The Relby was modified from firing grenades to firing blaster bolts.

It is the preferred weapon of Trandoshan Bounty Hunter Bossk.

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