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Reinforcements are the number of units each team has. They are represented by a counter on the top of the screen. When the counter hits zero, that team loses the battle.

Automatic lossEdit

In Battlefront, if a team had two or less command posts, they would begin losing reinforcements automatically.

In Battlefront II, It is slightly changed. The team with less command posts will lose reinforcments.


  • There are 6 command posts in the map, Team A controls 2, Team B controls 3, and one is neutral. Team A will lose reinforcments.
  • When a team's number of reinforcments equals the number of units on the field, That team will no longer lose reinforcments automatically. This is true even if that team has two or fewer Command Posts controlled. This is done to make sure that victory is earned by defeating all enemy units in combat or by capturing and holding all Command Posts on a map. In addition, AI units will no longer respawn when killed at this stage of the game. This rule provides human players with the most opportunities to affect the outcome of the game.

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