The following article/section contains information about mods or modded content, and is not considered to be canon.
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Separatist Alliance

Ship Details

The Recusant class Light Destroyer is a mod ship that replaces the Providence. It was built by the Commerce Guild, and is usually referred to the Commerce Guild Destroyer. It usually is found in place of the Providence whenever possible because this ship was much cheaper than the Providence. This ship is produced and build Mon Calamari for the Commerce Guild. It was used by the CIS during the battle of Coruscant.


  • The Recusant is actually larger than the Providence. Which makes us wonder why they chose the Providence over this ship, because this ship also had a larger hangar capacity.
  • The Recusant used Droid Landing Craft as escape pods for the whole crew, when the ship was comprised the droids would evacuate to the landing craft, and drop onto the nearest planet.
  • When the Retired clone trooper is reading the 501st journal for space mustafar one of these can be seen in the background next to A Lucrehulk class battleship.


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