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GR-75 Medium Transport (Rebel Transport Frigate)
GR-75 Medium Transport
Basic Info



Rebel Alliance

Unit Details

Frigate Defence

The GR-75 Medium Transports, or Rebel Transports as they are more commonly known, were used during the evacuation of Hoth. They were acquired quite cheaply and lack any sort of standard armament. In SW:Battlefront II they are used as stationary landed ships on the Hoth Hunt and CTF map. If the "one shot kill" cheat is enabled these may be destroyed. The frigate is either armed with auto turrets or no turrets at all. Docking and spawning at this frigate is impossible. It is a support ship which can't be entered or controlled, but fires automatically and may be destroyed. A ship of this class is always near a capital ship in SW:Battlefront II.



  • The actual GR-75 is a Transport Ship not a Frigate (which is its role in SWBFII).
  • The GR-71 is a Space Hoth variation of the Rebel Frigate.



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