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The Rancor is a creature that dwells beneath the trapdoor of Tatooine: Jabba's Palace in Star Wars: Battlefront II. Though it is invincible in game, such things could not be said to those unlucky units that are grabbed by the mighty hands of the Rancor. The Rancor will lash out its surprisingly long arms in front of it, and anyone lucky enough to be at least ten metres away from the creature, or someone that is snatched before the player is spared. If your timing is right, you can simply walk past the creature, unharmed. Due to the creature's immobile position, the Rancor cannot pursue you after you moved past its arm range.


Name Image Ammo
Claw Generic Infinite Use

Strategies in defeating a RancorEdit

  • The Rancor is completely unkillable, even if the player is a Hero, also if the player is within arms reach of the rancor, than the player will be killed, even if they have an invincibility cheat activated.
  • In order to avoid the Rancor, watch out for the small trap door in the throne room of Jabba's Palace, which leads to the Rancor Pit below.


  • The Rancor is (along with the Sarlacc) one of the only two truly unkillable NPC units in the game.
  • If a unit is carrying the flag and gets caught by the Rancor, you may be able to reobtain the flag by going around its legs
  • Respawning while in the Rancor's hand will cause you to create the "Barfing Rancor" Glitch. During this glitch, the items you drop will multiply, including health and ammo pickups.
  • Only the Droideka and the Recon Droid are immune to the Rancor's attack, despite the fact that the Rancor will attempt to attack both if either of them approach it.



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