Queen Apailana
Basic Info



Royal Naboo

Unit Details

Commando Pistol

Secondary Weapon:


Queen Apailana was once the Queen of Naboo. Apailana was targeted by the Empire for assassination after she was confirmed to be harboring Jedi fugitives during Order 66. She was fatally shot by a Scout Trooper during the escape.


Name Image Ammo
Sporting Blaster DL-44 Infinite Shots
Thermal Detonator V-1 3 Count


In the first Imperial mission of the Rise of the Empire campaign, you are supposed to kill her before she escapes. She is armed with a sporting blaster and has more health than a regular unit (roughly twice the health of a Rebel Vanguard). She is guarded by three Jedi Masters, so you should try to use sniping to kill her from afar. Or you could snipe the jedi first, then kill her, or use a rocket launcher to kill them all at once. Also, an ARC-Caster is a good choice, because if you hit someone close to her you also have a chance of hitting The Queen as well. Another great way to kill her fast is to find an Imperial tank and hit her with those cannons.




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